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If you Have recently experienced, or suspect, any storm damage please contact us today to have one of our insurance claims specialist work with your carrier to ensure you receive what it will take to get your roof repaired properly.  Or roofing professionals are available 7 days a week for your convenience.

Now that your house has been hit by the recent wind and hail storms, what do you do? Take it from our 15 years in Austin, even emergency roof repair needs professionals to insure long-lasting results.

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Hail and Wind Damage

1. Don’t make big decisions in a hurry.
If you have a leak, act quickly to get it repaired, but if your roof, siding or windows are not leaking there is no reason to make hasty decisions.  Most hail damage does not present an immediate emergency and most insurance companies allow their clients one year to make necessary repairs or replacements.

Texas Green Roofing is happy to make emergency repairs if needed—and to provide you with a thorough inspection and proposal to get your home or business back in top shape. We can get the process started even before an insurance adjuster gets to you!

2. Turn in a claim to your insurance company immediately.
Your insurance company will be getting a lot of calls, so be patient with them. But be sure to get your name on the list. In large hail storms, it is not uncommon for it to take an adjuster two weeks or longer to get out to your roof due to their call volume.  Waiting too long, however, can sometimes cause the roof to deteriorate and cover up signs of hail damage.  This, in turn, could cause your damaged roof to be turned down by your insurance carrier.

We’ll work with you to make the insurance process and work completion a seamless and easy task. Texas Green Roofing has a great deal of experience in working with its customers and their insurance companies to ensure that the coverage and exceptional service customers deserve is provided. If we see any discrepancies between our estimate and the insurance allowance, we will get in contact with your adjuster to resolve it and ensure your best interests are taken into account.!

3. Get an estimate that feels right to you—and look at more than the price.
While insurance companies may suggest two or three estimates, one may be enough in storm conditions. Just be sure that you don’t pay more than your deductible plus any extras or upgrades (i.e. new skylights, added ventilation, higher grade roofing)—and that your estimate is from a reputable company. Insurance companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars on storm claims; they know what roofing and structure repairs and replacements cost to do properly. If you’re tempted, but uneasy about accepting a low bid or a “too good to be true” discount, look closer. Hail storms bring out people and companies that run the gamut from inexperienced and uninsured, to those that are out right deceptive or unscrupulous.

Be absolutely sure that everything the estimator or salesperson says is clearly written into the proposal, that they have thoroughly examined your structure or roof, and that they have a long-standing history and reputation in the community. Unfortunately, not every Austin roofing company is reputable. If problems arise with your contract and the company that offered it, will they be able to follow through on any promises or warranties on the roof repair they’ve done?

Texas Green Roofing is rarely the cheapest bid, but you will find that we are the most thorough. We don’t believe in taking short cuts that diminish the look or quality of your home or business’ roof or exterior, and we will help you negotiate your settlement if we believe it isn’t sufficient to get your job done right. We’re more than Austin roofers: we also do Austin home remodeling and have the experience to make sure that all needed repairs are done right. We carry insurance, have an office where you can find us if you need us, and a friendly and experienced staff to ensure that both you and your job get the attention they deserve.  We have talented, well-paid workers, carry insurance, honor our warranties, have 15 years of referrals to offer you—and we WON’T illegally pay your deductible or falsify invoices or documents.

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